2020 awardees




Winning T-Shirt Design

Designed by Yeonghye Cha

President’s Award for Research and Creativity - Dr. Dabae Lee

Dr. Gary Bitter Research Award - Dr. Philip Kelley and collaborating students David Claridge, Guadalupe Barrera, and Jackson Jewett

Outstanding ESU Graduate Faculty Mentor Award  - Connie Phelps

Boylan Scholars - 2020-2021 -  Lyrah Wallace (Counselor Ed) & Mohammad Kassra Kabiri (Biology)

Graduate Teaching Assistant University Award for Excellent Teaching  2019-2020  - Katie Jo Connor – Clinical Psychology & Morgan Davis – Clinical Psychology

Harold Durst Graduate Research Award - Bethany Roberton – Biological Sciences

Robert Grover Graduate Student Scholarship Award – Malcolm Dade – MBA - Accelerated  & Jessica Brown – School Leadership

Boylan Outstanding Master’s Teaching Thesis Award - Kent Garrett – English (Fall 2019) “Writing on Par: The Intersection of Online Students and Developmental Writing at MidAmerica Nazarene University”  & Nick Clohecy – English (Spring 2020) “Losing our Humanity: The Lovecraftian Sublime and Its Paralysis of Anthropocentrism”

Faculty Research and Creativity Awards

Gaelynn P. Wolf Bordonaro – “Arts in Medicine: Art Therapy Programing in Kansas' Medical Communities”

Stephen Fields – “Defining the Role of the Myo5 Molecular Motor in Learning and Memory Pathways”

Joanna C. Gress – “Identification and Distribution of Alfalfa Weevil Strains in Kansas for Development of new 1PM Strategies”

Alexis F. L.A. Powell – “Genetic assessment of species limits within the false map turtle complex”

Darren Rebar – “The impact of variation in prescribed prairie bums on native plants and pollinator recruitment”

Rachel Spaulding – “Enslaved Subjects to Mystic Agents: Readings in Early Modern Afro-Catholic Performative Transformations"


ESU Summer Undergraduate Research Program:  2020 Awardees


Amanda Pritchard (Physics / Graphic Design) and Dr. Jorge Ballester, Physical Sciences.  Neural Network Modeling of Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Python and EEG-Driven Machine Learning with Arduino.


Baylee Schif (Bachelor's in Rehab & Disability Studies) and Dr. Danielle Nimako, Counselor Education.  Challenges, Needs and Service Gaps Experienced by Caregivers of Transition-Aged Individuals with Autism in Wichita, KS.


Chieko Zimmerman (BSE / Elementary Education) and Dr. Melissa Reed, Elementary Education/Early Childhood/Special Education.  Centennial Celebration: Exploring the Journey of Civic Engagement in Empowering Women.


Hannah Lingard (BSE / English) and Dr. Amy Sage Webb, English, Modern Languages, and Journalism.  Using Creative Writing to Teach Social and Emotional Skills.


Jennifer Sanchez (Bachelors in Chemistry and Spanish) and Dr. Qiyang Zhang, Physical Sciences.  Effectiveness of Whitening Toothpastes on Artifical Teeth.


Kathryn Kienholz (BS in Health and Human Performance; BA in Modern Languages, Spanish) and Dr. Rachel Spaulding, English, Modern Languages, and Journalism.  Responsive Bilingual Strategies: Closing the Translation Gap for Health Care Practitioners and LEP Patients.


Maite Garcia (BSE in Social Sciences Education) and Dr. Darla Mallein, Social Sciences.  Notable Emporians Trading Cards:  A Collaborative Project with Lyon County History Center.


Mitchell DeWalt (Business Administration) and Dr. Jeffrey Muldoon, Business Administration.  OCE Camping Bag Company.


Paula Galvez (Physical Sciences) and Dr. Jorge Ballester, Physical Sciences.  The Physics of Thrills and Risks in Amusement Rides.


Porscha Bland (BS in Psychology) and Dr. Tracy Wechselblatt, Psychology.  The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) on Adult Health and Mental Health.


Rachel Castro (BS in Communication) and Dr. Jasmine Linabary, Communication & Theatre.  Digital Peacebuilding: Affordances for Women’s Work Across Borders.


Tucker Eckols (BS in Ecology and Biodiversity) and Dr. Darren Rebar, Biological Sciences.  Can Ants Compensate for Pollinator Loss Following Prescribed Burns in Tallgrass Prairies?.


Yeesong Kim (Marketing / Accounting) and Dr. Joyce Zhou, Business Administration.  Management Styles, AI, and Marketing Strategies: Comparison between Korean and American Businesses.